About Elliott

Elliott Wilder is an aspiring serial entrepreneur. He loves the flexibility and freedom that comes with starting and running home-based businesses and is currently juggling two -- a dropship business and an investment property. Elliott created Home-Based Biz because he wants to help others get their start in business.

When he isn’t working, he is an avid reader and loves to learn new things. Elliott is also a dad to two human kids and one fur baby, so he knows a thing or two about balancing work and family life!...

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Building a business from home isn't easy, but a little planning and perseverance will give you a great chance of succeeding. You can lay the foundation for a thriving business by handling the legalities involved upfront, setting up a comfortable and functional workspace, actively marketing your business, and implementing the other tips in this article. Finally, resist the temptation to delay your entrepreneurial dreams until you feel "ready enough." You'll learn a lot along the way, so start planning your home-based business today!


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